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Tech & the Power of a Place

What are the ingredients for powerful and lasting learning? 

  • We believe that the community has limitless potential for the creation of projects that center around engaging questions. Kids are motivated by meaning and relevance that the community provides through its people, government, ecology, economy, and myriad of cultures. The community offers hands-on experiences, connection, and context transferable on a global scale. 

  • Quality projects leverage community issues. High quality project based learning follows a framework that includes 

    • Intellectual Challenge and Accomplishment

    • Authenticity

    • Collaboration

    • Project Management

    • Public Product

    • Reflection

  • Technology is a tool that allows students to access knowledge and skills anytime and everywhere. Students can communicate with experts and explore ways to approach similar problems and issues in different areas of the world. They can collect, share, and learn from meaningful data and research. Tech allows students to model and test their ideas virtually and safely before implementation. All with a worldwide audience that can applaud, modify, fund, critique, or share again and again. 

Community engages the hearts and minds of our students. Our projects drive rigorous learning that students are passionate about while tech gives students access to unlimited tools to create, record, and amplify their voices.

"The learner is at the center of all we do. Our ideas about teaching and learning are not new; they are based on research, data, and successful schools worldwide that place the student at the heart of what they do."  -Ali Solomon, Drive Virtual Academy Founder

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