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Benefits of being a Drive Student

We cannot predict the future,

but we can educate students for it.

Drive empowers students to help them become:


  • Flexible and Resourceful: Our students learn how to learn and skillfully adapt to new challenges that they will inevitably face when they graduate. Our students know how to think, be creative, and problem solve in the real world.

  • Practical: We focus on practical skills like managing time, investing money, and being tech savvy. Students learn how to be handy in their home and helpful in their neighborhood. 

  • Connected: We help students build social capital. Our students will graduate with a network of people throughout the world that they can refer back to for advice or a reference.

  • Knowledgeable: Students gain a strong foundation of knowledge and skills outlined in nationally recognized standards. Incorporating these standards in projects shows their relevance and purpose. Projects give students context for deep and lasting learning. 

  • Agents of their Learning: We value and trust our students and they know it. Through group and individual projects and activities, our students are leaders and realize the power of their voices and ideas.


  • Productive and Caring Citizens: Students connect with community members through project based learning and service learning. Forging a relationship with the community gives students a sense of ownership, stewardship, and civic responsibility.  This empowers them to have a positive impact where they live. 

  • Fun: The most enjoyable times in life are challenging and communal. Drive will seek to challenge students in work and play. We hope they do not see the difference between the two.

  • Experienced: Students will be connected with opportunities- classes, workshops, lectures, apprenticeships, trips, contests, jobs, scholarships, grants, events, exhibits, conferences, etc. We are committed to connecting our students with amazing experiences!
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