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Drive Virtual Academy's Habits of Mind

Connecting to Others, Self, and the Natural World, Students:

  • practice listening effectively to others with understanding and empathy

  • communicate with clarity and accuracy

  • are open to new experiences and surprises

  • recognize the spectacular beauty, power, and magnitude of the world around them

  • find joy and humor in everyday life

To Identify and Ask Good Questions, Students: 

  • develop a questioning attitude

  • gather data from appropriate sources

  • identify necessary information

  • choose best strategies to obtain information

  • consider obstacles involved

When Thinking, Students:

  • pause to consider possible options and outcomes

  • respect and acknowledge other points of view and feelings

  • are flexible

  • evaluate what is true or false, what is a credible source

  • identify patterns

  • imagine alternate possibilities

  • determine relevance 

  • are aware of own thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions

  • welcome other's input and perspective

Students Create by:

  • caring about the work at hand

  • nurturing craftsmanship

  • striving for accuracy

  • taking responsible risks

  • focusing and following through to completion

  • imagining something new, a new idea

  • collaborating and compromising

  • applying what has been learned

Reflecting on Learning, Students:

  • realize and articulate areas of growth 

  • pause to absorb the take-aways from the experience 

  • are kind to themselves and others in their review

  • critically evaluate areas for improvement

  • plan to move forward

  • notice impact and changes to self, others, and the world

Though listed, these habits only exist in concert with each other. They give us a guide as to how to think critically, enrich character, and work diligently. Students at Drive strive to develop these habits in all that we do.

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