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Alexandra (Ali) Solomon

Thank you for taking the time to check out Drive Virtual Academy. It has been a long-held dream to see it come alive. I was a math teacher for 23 years prior to this role. I taught in New York, New Jersey, and Florida in urban and suburban schools, and at all socioeconomic levels. Education is my passion and favorite topic of conversation. I am perpetually curious and love research as well as finding ways to solve problems.

I have worked with many, many amazing educators through the years. I am fortunate to be working with four of the best now at Drive. We can’t wait to get to know your child and help create incredible learning experiences. I hope you can feel my excitement as I write this.

I feel school should be about these things- discovery, curiosity, puzzles that need solving, working as a team, and creating ways to make the world a better place. Every student loved learning when they were young. If they retained this love, we want to deepen it. If they have forgotten it, we will help them remember and keep it with them as they face a world that is unpredictable. Learning how to learn and adapt to change is challenging, frustrating, laborious, communal, and joyous. I can’t wait to explore the potential of our students!

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Brian T. Doyle

Thank you for considering Drive Virtual Academy. We have spent many years developing this concept and words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to see the dream, turned into a vision, and then to finally see it become a reality. I have been involved in the education field for over a decade now and transforming education into a more effective and useful tool for today’s youth is a personal mission of mine.

I truly believe that we have created a school that will prepare students for both higher education and life in ways that will benefit every single student that attends Drive Virtual Academy. I am confident that we can back that up for several reasons.  Not the least of which is that we have been able to select only the very best educators to join our team.  


While we are an online school, people are at the heart of what makes me so excited to be a part of this.  We have a team that chooses to be a part of something great and once students join Drive Virtual Academy, they may just be surprised that school can become something that enriches their lives in ways that they had never even imagined before! 

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