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Projects make learning come alive. Students will be working on a minimum of two projects at any given time. They will have a group project that is worked on with their entire house. The group projects will be designed by the house leaders with student input taken into consideration. Group projects will center around culture, ecology, and the economy. The projects will embed all traditional subject areas as they naturally exist, in concert with each other. It will challenge students to be effective leaders and collaborators who must research, coordinate, troubleshoot, and follow through with a plan that makes a positive difference.

Additionally, each student will work on a personal passion project which is created exclusively with that student's passion and future goals in mind. A student’s personal project can be a deep dive into an area that piques curiosity or a topic of fascination. It may be a problem that the student cares deeply about and the completion of the project will have great impact locally or globally. It may be an opportunity that allows the student to further goals. We cannot anticipate where these projects will lead the student, but we are excited to help make each student’s experience authentic, meaningful, and unforgettable.

Independent Study

As a part of Drive Virtual Academy's intention to create a customized educational experience for each and every student, we offer independent study options. Students will be encouraged to learn about whatever interests them or helps them reach their goals. When the student picks a topic for a course, the house leader will design or access a course in the chosen area of study. Then, the teachers will help students connect with research, lectures, lessons, and experts that will enrich the learning process.

Required Courses

All students will be required to take isolated courses in mathematics for grades 6-10, as well as Spanish language courses. Along with those areas of study, students may be required to take certain classes based on their grade level.  Students may need classes in specific subjects to help them get into a specific university program or career. Additionally, all students will be required to research, explore, and document ways that they are incorporating healthy behaviors, positive nutritional habits, and exercise into their daily lives.

Assessments & Reflections

Students will receive continuous formative assessment in courses and on projects as they progress. Teachers will document areas of strength, growth, and need so that the teacher and student can revise, reflect, and remediate. Students will be continually challenged to think in new ways which, in turn, will lead to new insights into their work. 

Though all assessment is formative at Drive, we do believe strongly that reasonable constraints and deadlines spark creativity and innovation. At the end of a project, students will demonstrate their learning to a small group of teachers and experts in the topics or areas being reviewed. This review will be included in the student’s portfolio and help the student decide how to proceed with or culminate the project. 

“We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.”― John Dewey


Students will reflect on each project in detail. They will review the planning, process, group dynamics, product, and feedback with their advisor so that they may set or adjust goals for the future. The reflection piece will be a valuable part of the student portfolio. Since student portfolios capture the evolution of learning for each student, it is important that they are able to track their growth. Like the students, no two are alike. They distinguish our students and give the viewer a full story of growth, skills, passions, personality, and goals.

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